Raphael Koumeri, Planet
"FP7 ICT: An Overview"
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Thies Wittig, IT Consult
"Networking Events: Our objectives for the coming days"
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Raghda Kilani, HCST
"The Role of the Jordanian NCP"
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Raghda Kilani, HCST
"The MIRA Project"
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Bente Maegaard, Center for Sprogteknologi, University of Copenhagen, Denmark,
"Challenge objectives"
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Soumi Papadopoulou, Planet, Greece
"Policy dialogue: objectives and importance"
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Dimitris Fotiades, Univ of Ioannina, Greece
"Challenge objectives"
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Massimo Bertoncini, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica R&D Lab, Roma, Italy
"Challenge objectives"
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Thies Wittig, IT Consult
"The open Call 6"
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