Thies Wittig, IT Consult, Germany
"Our objectives for the coming days"
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Raphael Koumeri, Planet S.A., Greece
"ICT in FP7 ERA-Wide"
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Soumi Papadopoulou, Planet S.A., Greece
"The way forward for R&D collaboration within the region and with Europe"
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Ahmed Ben Hamida
"Challenge 5"
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Farouk Kamoun, ESPRIT, Tunisia
"ICT Research in the MPC"
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Sad Tazi, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France
"Challenge 1"
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Brahim Hamid, IRIT, Toulouse, France
"Presentation FP7 3 BH"
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Dr Muna Hamdi, Rapp Trans UK
"Challenge 6: Intelligent Transport Systems"
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Steve George, SP Transport Innovation, UK
"Challenge 6: Success Stories"
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Samer Karam, Founder of Seeqnce,, Lebanon
"Entrepreneurship in Risk Averse Cultures"
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