Thies Wittig, IT Consult, Germany
"Achievements of JOIN-MED Project: Where it began and where it will end"
VIEW    PDF (1,1 MB )
Farouk Kamoun, SESAME, Tunisia
"The EU-MPC Vision: Are we on the way to Euro-Mediterranean ICT area ?"
VIEW    PDF (871 kB)
Bahri Rezig, Head of national research agency, Tunisia
"Empowering Tunisian Innovation System"
VIEW    PDF (1,1 MB )
Adel Ghazel, Researcher, Tunisia
"ICT Research & Innovation topics to foster the labor development, improving public services and regional development"
VIEW    PDF (909 kB)
Sami Smaoui, TACT: Association Tunisienne pour la Communication et la Technologie offshoring
"Tunisia Offshore Destination"
VIEW    PDF (554 kB)
Wissam Tawileh, University of Dresden, Germany
"The Role of Diaspora in International Networking"
VIEW    PDF (936 kB)
Karima Bounemra, Head of ECA north Africa
"ICT R&D in North Africa, the approach of ECA"
VIEW    PDF (783 kB)
Riadh Ferjani, Researcher on social networks, Tunisia
"Facebook revolution and the real world. The Tunisian case"
VIEW    PDF (623 kB)
Bruno Oudet, Laboratoire LIG, France
"Lessons of the Jasmin Spring and the 2.0 collaboration"
VIEW    PDF (1,4 MB )
Adel Mhamdi, OMMP - Maritime & Port Authority, Tunisia
VIEW    PDF (1,6 MB )
Ziad Abu-Faraj, American University of Science & Technology - AUST, Beirut, Lebanon
"The Rights of Spring: How Social Media has Become a Linchpin for Revolution"
VIEW    PDF (971 kB)
George Papadopoulos, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
"Panel Session 3: New Relationships between Government, Local Authorities, Communities and Citizens"
VIEW    PDF (646 kB)
Edward Jaser, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Amman, Jordan
"ICT and Ubiquitous technologies as a tool for better services"
VIEW    PDF (912 kB)
Anas Tawileh, Cardiff University / Systematics Consulting, Cardiff, UK
"Explaining the Global Digital Devide: The Impact of Public Policy Initiatives on Digital Opportunity and ICT Development"
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Thies Wittig, IT Consult, Germany
"Strengthening and maintaining MPC ICT research cooperation"
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